About Us

It was around the year 2000 when Melly Goeslaw and Wana Yuliana, the founders of Aleabe, met for the first time.
Melly and Wana had an immediate click based on their mutual love for Fashion.
Melly is known for her love for extravaganza while Wana always works towards fashion with something extra but still wearable.
It was the dream of these ladies to one day have a fashion company together.
But like things go in live, Melly was busy with her other passion, music and
Wana worked in the fashion industry successfully running her own clothing company. In 2008 Wana moved to Europe to make the next step in her development.
When she decided in 2014 it was time to come back to Indonesia these 2 creative minds sat together, knowing it was then or never. Aleabe collection was born!
A little over 1 year after the start of the company, Aleabe collection was already present at the Jakarta Fashion week 2016 and made a stunning impression.
Today Aleabe Collection is widely known and embraced by many loyal customers.
It has grown to a brand that has found its own place in the Indonesian fashion industry.
Aleabe Collection: fashion for people who dare to be different!

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